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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do with my Digital Key?

    Your Digital Key opens any door you'd normally access with a key card. This could include your room, elevators, side doors, the fitness center, and even the parking garage. Open the app, and when you’re within a few feet of a door, simply push the button to unlock. Of course, to use the Digital Key, you have to request access by opting in through the Hilton Honors app first.

  • When do I get my Digital Key?

    Once your room is ready on the day of your arrival, you'll receive a push notification to your smartphone or tablet that the key has been delivered. It will then be available in your Hilton Honors app until you check out. Just make sure you've already used our digital check-in.

  • Can I still use a key card?

    Of course! You're welcome to stop by the front desk at any time to pick up a key card to use with (or instead of) your Digital Key.

  • How does it actually work?

    When you're within range of an equipped lock, a Bluetooth signal is sent between it and your smartphone or tablet. They communicate, and the door unlocks with the tap of a button. It's super secure, too.

  • What if I need to arrive early?

    Your Digital Key will arrive when your room is ready. If you need to arrive sooner, we'll do our best to accommodate you. Contact the front desk and they'll assist you further.

  • What if I decide to stay longer?

    Great! We're happy to have you. Just let us know you're extending your stay and we'll send you an updated Digital Key for the additional days.

  • Does Digital Key work on all devices?

    Digital Key is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, as long as they are Bluetooth-enabled and can connect to the internet. You'll also need to have the most recent version of the Hilton Honors app downloaded. If you have multiple devices, keep in mind that whichever device you use to check in is the device you'll use as your room key.

  • Can I use my Digital Key on more than one device?

    If you own multiple devices, you can only use your Digital Key on one device at a time. However, two people can share the same Digital Key on separate devices at the same time. (Restrictions apply, so please read these FAQs carefully!)

  • Can I share my Digital Key with someone else?

    Yes! You can now share your Digital Key with one other person when staying at select hotels. However, this feature is currently only available on iPhones running iOS 11.0 or higher. You can still use Digital Key on an Android or iPad, but you won't be able to share it. (We're working on that.)

  • Who can I share my Digital Key with?

    Currently, you can only share your Digital Key with one other iPhone user at a time. Their phone must be running iOS 11.0 or higher, and they must have the latest version of the Hilton Honors app installed. If they are not already a Hilton Honors member, they'll be asked to enroll before they can use Digital Key.

    If you're traveling with more than one person, the others will need to get a plastic key card from the front desk.

  • Can I share a Digital Key if I've booked multiple rooms?

    Sorry, the key-sharing feature is limited to single-room reservations at this time. We're working on it!

  • How do I share my Digital Key with someone else?

    You'll need to request a Digital Key in the app before you can share it. (Your key will be available as soon as your room is ready.) Once you have it, look for the "Share a Key" button on your Digital Key screen and follow the instructions for sharing. You'll have the option of sending your key via email or text message. For security, you'll also be asked to create a shared password and tell it to the other person separately. The app won't share or store that password for you.

  • Do I need to let the front desk know I'm sharing my Digital Key?

    Only if the person you're sharing a key with is not a registered guest at the hotel. In that case, just let the front desk know who's staying with you – that way, they'll be eligible for assistance if they have any trouble getting into your room or other areas of the hotel that require a key.

  • How do I know key-sharing is secure?

    When you share your key, we'll send a unique link to the recipient that can only be activated once. To activate the link, we'll ask them to enter a password that only the two of you know. Plus, you'll be able to see who has access to your key in the app.

  • What if I want to cancel a Digital Key that I've shared?

    If you change your mind about sharing your key for any reason, just let the front desk know. They'll deactivate the shared key and issue you a new Digital Key (or give you a plastic key card, if you prefer).

  • How do I receive a shared Digital Key from someone else?

    To get a shared key, you'll need to have an iPhone running iOS 11.0 or higher and have the Hilton Honors app installed. You'll be asked to enroll in Hilton Honors if you're not already.

    Your travel companion will send you a link via email or text message, and they'll also tell you a shared password to enter. Follow the instructions in their message to activate your Digital Key.

  • I received Digital Keys from multiple people. Can I use all of the keys at the same time?

    Yes! If different people share their keys with you, you can use all of them at the same time.

  • Is key-sharing available at all hotels?

    For now, Digital Key-sharing is only available at a select number of hotels. We plan on expanding this feature to more hotels in the future. Stay tuned!

  • What if my smartphone is lost or stolen?

    If your smartphone or tablet is missing, let the front desk know so they can take steps to ensure your Digital Key cannot be used. You can choose to hide your room number after you've accessed it for the first time, so if someone else finds your device, they won't be able to identify the room number associated with your key. That said, we always recommend that our guests password-protect their smartphones and tablets using their device's native security features.

  • What should I do if I'm having trouble with my Digital Key?

    Please stop by the front desk, or call 1-855-414-1393 for assistance.

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