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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is Amazon Shop with Points?
    Hilton Honors is joining forces with Amazon – one of the world’s largest retailers – as the first-ever guest loyalty program to participate in Amazon Shop with Points. Shop with Points gives Members the ability to pay for purchases of just about anything at using their Hilton Honors Points.
  2. How do I use Hilton Honors Points to pay for an order?
    To use Hilton Honors Points to pay for part or all of your purchase, you must first link your Hilton Honors account to your Amazon account. Once you are ready to purchase, proceed to checkout through your Shopping Cart. When you choose your payment method for the purchase, you can choose the amount of Points you wish to apply.
  3. Are there any products I can’t buy using Shop with Points?
    Shop with Points is generally available to buy millions of products on Please note, however, that Hilton Honors Points cannot be used for all purchases on, and items that currently may not be purchased using Shop with Points include some digital goods, Kindle downloads, Subscribe and Save items, or AmazonFresh. Please also note that currently you may not use one-click to purchase products using Shop with Points.
  4. Is there a fee for using Hilton Honors Points for purchases?
    No. Using Hilton Honors Points at does not require a fee.
  5. How will this affect the Hilton Honors Shopping Mall?
    Hilton Honors Members will now be able to purchase millions of items with their Points at While the Hilton Honors shopping mall will no longer be active in the U.S., it will remain active in all other countries.
  6. Do I need an Amazon account to participate?
    Yes, you must have both an account and a Hilton Honors account to participate.
  7. Can I utilize this benefit if I live outside of the U.S.?
    Yes, this benefit is something that can be used by all Hilton Honors members via the site. At this time, members cannot use Hilton Honors Points to shop at Amazon localized sites outside of like or If a Member outside of the U.S. chooses to use this benefit at, they should keep in mind that they will need to pay the shipping fees from the U.S. to their location.
  8. Is this similar to the partnership Amazon has with credit card reward programs?
    Yes, the mechanics and user experience are very similar. Once a Member’s Amazon and Hilton Honors accounts are linked, the option to pay for purchases with Hilton Honors Points will automatically populate during check out as long as a Member has Hilton Honors Points in their account.
  9. How do I use Hilton Honors Points at
    When you link your Hilton Honors account to your account, will display your available Hilton Honors Points balance upon checkout. You can then choose whether or not you want to use Points and how many Points you want to use towards your purchase.
  10. How do I link my Hilton Honors account to my account?
    You can link your Hilton Honors account to your account at by clicking the ‘Get Started’ button in the top right and following the online instructions to link your Hilton Honors account to your account. You will need to be logged into your account and have your Hilton Honors account number and password on hand.
  11. Where can I see if my Hilton Honors account is linked to my account?
    Visit the Shop with Points page in Your Account at Your Hilton Honors account will be listed under the ‘Your Enrolled Rewards Accounts’ section.
  12. What if I no longer want to use Hilton Honors Points to Shop with Points at
    If you no longer want to use Hilton Honors Points to Shop with Points on, you can unlink your account here by clicking ‘Unenroll’.
  13. Why can I no longer see available Points in checkout?
    An error may have occurred and you may need to verify your account. Please try re-linking your account at You may also contact Hilton Reservations and Customer Care to discuss your account status.
  14. Can I return merchandise that I purchased at with my Hilton Honors Points?
    Purchases made with Hilton Honors Points at follow Amazon’s standard return policies. Please visit the Returns and Refunds page at for more information. Hilton Honors Points refunds may take up to 48-72 hours after Amazon has processed the return to reflect on your Hilton Honors account.
  15. Can I use Hilton Honors Points to pay for all or a portion of my order at
    Yes, you can use as many Points as you have in your Hilton Honors account, or you can use any amount of Points in combination with another payment method.
  16. What if I did not link my Hilton Honors account to and see my Points being used?
    Your privacy is important to us. If you did not link your Hilton Honors account to an account, please request a new password and Contact Us as soon as possible.
  17. Is there a minimum amount of points I can use on my purchase?
    You can use a minimum of 5 Hilton Honors Points toward your purchase.
  18. Why did I receive an error message when trying to link my account?
    If you are having trouble with your Hilton Honors account, please contact Hilton Reservations and Customer Care

    If you are having trouble with your account, please contact Amazon Customer Service at 1-888-280-4331.